Neuroscience, Technology, and Christian Formation

perf6.140x9.210.inddMark Maddix and I just celebrated the release of our newly edited book Neuroscience and Christian Formation (Information Age Publishing). While primarily a text on the practical implications of neuroscience research for Christian education, I was also tasked with the chapter that explains the technology “behind” the research.

Blevins TMSOverall that responsibility proved to be a challenge for a guy working in a free-standing seminary with no access to university research labs. Still, thanks to the University of Pennsylvania’s Neuroscience Bootcamp (sponsored by Penn’s cns-logo_xsm-300x42Center for Neuroscience and Society), and a lot of reading and sorting through basic information regarding neuroscience, I think I got a handle on the basics. At least I hope the neuroscientists in the room will not laugh reading the chapter.

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An Honest Conversation about Race

Nazarene Theological Seminary opened the second day of a week honoring Martin Luther King with a serious discussion around of race, privilege, and our responsibility as the church.

Dr. Carla Sunberg, president of Nazarene Theological Seminary reflected on her own privilege growing up; and how she was confronted by that difference while a missionary in Russia. Revisiting her experience, she recounted how Russian police identified international people, and also how stark life remained in rural Russia. Sunberg realized she had access to resources and abilities that often other people would die for. Citing Luke 12:48b, Sunberg acknowledged that some participants had more privilege than others, but asked honestly, what will we do with what we have been given.

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The Power of Entrepreneurship in a Ministry Setting

20151123_180611Nazarene Theological Seminary will soon begin its second class in Ministerial Entrepreneurship. The course was created in partnership with the Kern Family 20150831_194052Foundation Oikonomia Network, MidAmerica Nazarene University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Kauffman Foundation Fasttrac program on Entrepreneurship. Basically, the class serves as one expression of NTS’s acknowledgment of the changing face of ministry in USA and Canada.

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Made to Flourish

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe final Oikonomia Network (ON) session included some “in house” moves among the network including both a new initiative with local congregations as well as institutional relocation. The Oikonomia Network (ON) has moved to Trinity International University as part of the Center for Transformational Churches where Forster now resides. In addition, a new initiative begins with the Made to Flourish network, a collaboration among congregations and seminaries to connect Sunday to Monday, focusing on faith and work, guided by Tom Nelson.

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Interpreting “Faith” in Faith and Work: the next Challenge

The Oikonima Network (ON) continued its retreat on Saturday by addressing some of the real challenges of moving Christians to embrace faith and work as a part of whole life discipleship. The concern had been established the day prior when Amy Sherman noted recent research by the Barna Group. The research noted that people had indeed heard more preaching on this issue, but they still feel undervalued in how they see their role in the workplace. The reason for this may well rest with not only how they see work, but also their understanding of “faith” as taught in the church, including the way they understand scripture. To address this issue, the network turned to Paul S. Williams for additional understanding.

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Community: Churches Partnering with Seminaries

The afternoon session of the Oikonomia Network (ON) retreat continued with another presentation by Amy Sherman. Amy continued by focusing on congregations that embrace this work. Perimeter Church in Atlanta is a “VILC” (Vocation Infusion Learning Community) thanks in part to the ministry of Travis Vaughn pastor of cultural renewal. The journey included reading the whole of scripture including inviting Michael Goheen. Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 11.52.18 AMLater the emphasis on faith at work included a five-week sermon on faith and work, creating videos showcasing people in their work, and orienting leadership in the church. In addition, the church began to gather vocational backgrounds as part of congregational demographics, and then creating “forums” focusing on specific vocations (business, education, healthcare), hosting book studies of Every Good Endeavor, as well as encouraging on the “gospel@work day.” Ultimately the church will start a new leadership strategy for cultural renewal for other churches.

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Community: Church and Seminary in Partnership

Oikonomia Network (ON) Director Greg Forster opened Friday’s retreat sessions with a short history lesson. Forster noted that Dallas Willard’s early presentation in year one cast a powerful vision about the need to connect faith at work to the local church. Willard’s vision created a series of presentations

  • Year Two: Embracing the Local Church
  • Year Three: Working within the Academy

This year the theme addressed helpful models that connect theological education with the local church. Forster noted that theological education is called to serve the local church as well as the broader community. As a matter of fact, congregations also serve local communities, but as churches. So this year’s theme revolves around empowering churches in their effort to assist in human flourishing.

To help retreat participants, Amy Sherman, Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute, and author of Kingdom Calling, offered two presentations around the theme “In and For Community: Helpful Models in Theological Schools

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