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Youth on the Brain

This Fall 2018 I will be providing a special learning opportunity for “both” local youth ministers/workers who live around the KC area “and” for global youth pastors or other concerned ministers intrigued by with how neuroscience might influence our understanding and ministry … Continue reading

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Visio VR

Recently I was invited to take part in an experiment hosted by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Vice-President of External Affairs at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Dr. Mahfood is well respected through the Association of … Continue reading

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Neuroscience, Technology, and Christian Formation

Mark Maddix and I just celebrated the release of our newly edited book Neuroscience and Christian Formation (Information Age Publishing). While primarily a text on the practical implications of neuroscience research for Christian education, I was also tasked with the … Continue reading

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Resource in Neuroscience and Youth

I am going to be presenting a new article at the National Youth Workers Conference in dialog with Mark Oestreicher’s (Marko) article “This is Your Brain on Adolescence: A Pushback on Accepted Views of Underdeveloped Brains” published in Immerse Journal. Mike … Continue reading

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Top Ten Articles in Religious Education

Taylor and Francis has made the top ten articles in Religious Education free for downloading for the rest of July. A couple of articles address neuroscience (including my own) and others deal with youth ministry, religious education, media and a … Continue reading

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Reading and Dyslexia

Important to remember that reading is a cultural phenomena. Not all cultures developed reading in the same way which raises issues concerning the next cognitive disorder. Chatterjee presented a case where an subject learned to read a second language in … Continue reading

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Pathologies of Cognition

Afternoon presentation focuses on pathologies of cognition with Dr. Anjan Chatterjee. Session opened with definitions for dementia and Alzheimer disease. One indicator is patient/relative ratio rule of thumb (when patient concerned but not relative then depression, when relative concerned but … Continue reading

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