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Hospitality in a COVID World through a Child Safety Posture

As congregations open up again during the Coronavirus pandemic, I want to be the first to say that pastors are under extreme pressure. There are historical moments when ministers (whether they admit it or not) really feel pressure to “get … Continue reading

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We Have a Lot to Learn and Even More to Do Through Imbizo

Some of the questions proposed to everyone before he (she) is admitted among us may be to this effect: — 1. Have you the forgiveness of your sins? 2. Have you peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ? 3. … Continue reading

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Visio VR

Recently I was invited to take part in an experiment hosted by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Vice-President of External Affairs at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Dr. Mahfood is well respected through the Association of … Continue reading

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Community: Churches Partnering with Seminaries

The afternoon session of the Oikonomia Network (ON) retreat continued with another presentation by Amy Sherman. Amy continued by focusing on congregations that embrace this work. Perimeter Church in Atlanta is a “VILC” (Vocation Infusion Learning Community) thanks in part to … Continue reading

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Community: Church and Seminary in Partnership

Oikonomia Network (ON) Director Greg Forster opened Friday’s retreat sessions with a short history lesson. Forster noted that Dallas Willard’s early presentation in year one cast a powerful vision about the need to connect faith at work to the local … Continue reading

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Love God, Love Neighbor

This evening marked the first presentation of the Oikonomia Network gathering sponsored by the Faith, Work and Economics initiative at the Kern Family Foundation. The Oikonomia Network represents a group of scholars and educators engaged in seminary education around the … Continue reading

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Remembering, Raising Stones, and Building on the Global Theology Conference

Following the end of the Global Theology Conference the work continued in meetings of the International Board of Education, including debriefing the structure and flow of the event.  I am sure that those insights alongside others will help in future … Continue reading

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