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Best Practices: a popcorn of institutional ideas promoting faith and work

While the primary focus of today’s sessions at the Oikonomia Network retreat revolved around the state of theological education, there were moments of interaction about faith and work among the participants. One of the best aspects of the day were … Continue reading

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Global Theology Conference

For the next few days I will be attending an important gathering of global theologians around the theme “Issues in Ecclesiology” I will be busy with the conference but hope to post some observations. To begin you can find the … Continue reading

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The Future of Nazarene Theological Education

Just back from Seattle and the Wesleyan Theological Society Meeting. (And the most important event comes at the end of this post). Great fellowship and stimulating presentations, including Walter Brueggemman, Bruce Marshall, Mike Lodahl, Daniella Augustine, and Thomas Dozeman. Hats … Continue reading

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