Neuroscience and Neuroeducation Resources

Resources in Neuroscience and Neuro-education (a new field) that may influence our understanding of discipleship in the future. This page provides exploratory as well as grounded research that seeks to understand how neuroscience may influence our 1) discernment of religious experience, 2) shaping formational practices and 3) judging moral implications as neuroscience transforms practices in the world (i.e. neuro-ethics).

General Websites

Neuroscience Online Interactive Textbook (University of Texas Houston Medical School)

Brain and Behavior Foundation


NeuroOnline (resources addressing neuroscience research methods)

Brain Facts. org (Society for Neuroscience)

The Brain Story (BBC)

The Brain Voyager Brain Tutor

Center for Neuroscience & Society: Neuroethics Open Educational Resource

Dana Foundation

Digital Anatomist

The Brain from Top to Bottom

PBS The Secret Life of the Brain

Whole Brain Atlas

Closer to Truth: The Greatest Thinkers Exploring the Deepest Questions (solid interviews with leading neuroscientists on the “big questions” of consciousness, personhood, and religion)

Annenberg Learner Neuroscience & The Classroom: A K-12 curriculum on Neuroscience

McGill University Culture Mind and Brain Initiative

Neuro-Education (Mind, Brain Education)

Brainwaves Youtube Channel

Brain Targeted Teaching

Harvard Mind Brain Education program

Learning and the Brain

International Mind Brain Education Society

Your Amazing Brain

Learning Scientists (empirically grounded learning methods)

Children and the Brain

Brain Rules (John Medina)

Changing Brains (University of Oregon)

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Adele Diamond)

Mind in the Making (Ellen Gallinsky)

Neuro 4 Kids (Dr. Eric Chudler)

Interventions for Risk Reduction and Avoidance in Youth by Valerie Reyna

Neuroscience and Religion

Blueprint 1543 Organization: Strong focus on Cognitive Science of Religion and the TheoPsych Initiative

Mark A. Maddix and Dean G. Blevins Neuroscience and Christian Formation 

Neuroscience and the Soul (Center for Christian Thought)

A new series by DoSER (Dialog on Science, Ethics, and Religion) provides a series of videos and curriculum to discuss the relationship between science and faith, including basic introductions to the study of the brain

Is This Your Brain on God?

REA 2011 Conference Brain Matters: Neuroscience, Creativity and Diversity

Neuro and Law

MacArthur Foundation on Neuroscience and Law

Neuro and Big Data a s part of the Connectome Initiative

NIH Brain Initiative (see NY Times story below)

Brain Blog (Neuro-computing initiative)

Human Brain Project (Neuro-computing)

For an additional bibliography and resources see also:
Neuroscience Bibliography and additional Resources

Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain

The Obama administration is planning a decade-long scientific effort to examine the workings of the human brain and build a comprehensive map of its activity.

Dan Siegle elaborating on Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

Neurophilosophy often creates conflicts as well for Christians, parodied in this Colbert report with Patricia Churchland

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