Vocational Discipleship

This page offers insights and resources on vocational discipleship. An ongoing project to connect faith, work, and economics as a part of our daily discipleship


    Theology of Work Project

  Celebrate Faith & Work Resources

The Oikonomia Network (Kern Family Foundation)

Vocational Stewardship


The High Calling


faithful homes (fostering our vocations as parents and family members)


    London Institute for Contemporary Christianity: Engaging with Work


WorkLife: Finding Life in Work


Work Matters 


Work as Worship 


 Institute for Faith, Work and Economics

Celebrate Your Work at Faith@Work


Video Clips

Christian History Institute magazine and video



Christianity Today/Leadership Journal Redeeming work  conferences/curriculum


Faith@Work Boston Summit discussions on work

Action Institute: The Poverty Cure Curriculum

RightNow Media’s Closing the Sunday to Monday Gap

Reframe’s new series (including lesson five) Jesus The King addresses Work

Acton Institute For the Life of the World


Kauffman Foundation Emphasis on Entrepreneurship yields some interesting resources like this one

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